The Maestro Series

Music lovers with no room for standard speaker placement but, want to experience a true musical voyage in a small package should look no further!


The introduction of the Maestro Series is for any music lover on a budget to experience Charney Audio's tractrix configured loudspeaker system. The Maestro series utilizes the same horn theory, parameters within its well engineered but, simple and effective cabinet, as its bigger and larger models. The Maestro's emotional grabbing ability in transporting vivid live dynamic music to the listener, even in the smallest room without giving up that rich, full-range and full-bodied sound, that true music lovers seek. The concept of this speaker design is for small to medium size rooms, using minimal floor space, it can also be placed traditionally but, closer to back walls, totally out of the way. The tight natural bass effortlessly exits from the bottom of the horn.


The Standard Maestro works best in small rooms, optimized for corner placement.

The Maestro Extreme (MaestroX) 6” deeper, is a corner-free placement speaker, designed for standard speaker placement in rooms up to 14Ft. in widths, basically medium to even larger size rooms.


Both using the 8" Voxativ AC 1.6 or many other 8 inch drivers. The Maestro will thrill you with clean, healthy bass down to 38Hz, and the most crystalline treble extension all the way up to 22kHz, with a sensitivity of 101 dB @ 8 Ohms.


The simple, yet effective clean lines of the Maestro series, catapults it, high on the Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF)


Dimensions: 42”H x 15”W x7”D

Weight: 40lbs, including the stand.

Internal wiring is Jena Labs


Made from Bamboo, with a gorgeous hand-rubbed oil finish. Options includes Baltic Birch Plywood, plus hundreds of wood veneer options.

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