The Maestro

The Maestro incorporates the same Tractrix theory as the Concerto, but in a smaller foot print. New to our development is the use of the 7” RS7 proprietary driver from Louis Chocos from Omega Loudspeakers.


Unlike a folded horn type loudspeaker the internal contour of the Maestro is an open and free flowing design allowing a very smooth unrestricted output. We use a 6.5 inch proprietary driver with the horn section creating a 108” tall loudspeaker in an attractive compact appearance. Once again, there is no cross over to get in the way of the speakers fast and articulate sound due to its inheriting design. Your choices of woods are available on request. The Maestro produces an efficiency of 103db @ 8ohms. Frequency response is measured from 40Hz-20Khz.


Dimensions are 46”H x 15”W x 25”D

Each speaker is 55lbs including the stand.


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