The Maestro

The Maestro is intended for use in even the smallest room,  without giving up that rich, full-range sound you love.  Inside, it utilizes the same cutting-edge Tractrix Horn design parameters as in our larger models, optimally implemented in a much smaller cabinet.  Using the 8"  Voxativ AC 1.6  driver, The Maestro will thrill you with clean, healthy bass down to 38Hz, and treble extension all the way up to 22kHz, with a sensitivity of 103 dB @ 8 Ohms.  The cabinet is open at the bottom , and can be used with most available 8-inch drivers.


Dimensions: 42”H x 15”W x7”D

Weight: 40lbs, including the stand.


Made from Bamboo, with a gorgeous hand-rubbed Oil finish.


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