The Concerto

is a fully rear loaded, highly efficient horn loudspeaker using the Tractrix theory in a beautifully constructed arrangement. The results offer a speaker that delivers a very wide, dynamic, high output, and extremely low distortion level, difficult to achieve with a horn-type loudspeaker. The sound is considered to be live, natural, and well-balanced from both frequency extremes.


The Concerto's 21"x 21" Throat/Horn opening creates an accurate and tuneful sounding mid/lower bass with no "Holes" that can typically occur in speakers that have an integrated powered subwoofer. The highly regarded Lowther DX4 driver with its own twin-coned, lightweight paper diaphragm and neodymium magnet was chosen for it's speed and articulation. We now offer, as an option, the Voxativ AC 2.6 or AC 4X for even more detail and realism. No crossovers are used, so there is nothing to get in the way of the pure musical presentation. Frequency response is 20HZ-22Khz with no db roll off. Sensitivity is 106db 1W/1M, so using low powered tube amplifiers are an excellent choice to play any type of music from a whisper to a rock concert. Your choice of veneers and finishes are available.


Dimensions are 82.5H x 25"W x 36"D.

Horn Sections are 50lbs each / Stands 60lbs each.


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