The Concerto

Our flagship speaker, The Concerto, puts itself above the running using the highly regarded Voxativ AC-2.6 driver with its twin-coned, lightweight paper diaphragm and neodymium magnet, chosen for its speed and articulation. It produces a very wide dynamic range, and a natural and well-balanced stage, with flat extension down to 20 Hz, and up to 22 kHz.  Because of the large 21"x 21" horn/throat, the bass develops easily with no "holes" that a crossover to a sub-woofer would introduce.  With its flat response to the very bottom, of course, there is no need for a sub-woofer.  At a measured output of 105 dB @ 1W/1M, a low-powered tube amp will give superb results, from a whisper to a rock concert.  Just like live music.  And we now offer as an option the AER bd 3 for even more detail and realism.  Your choice of veneers and finishes is available.


Dimensions: 82.5H x 25"W x 36"D

Weight: 50lbs each

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