The Companion Maestro

The Companion Series

The Companion was developed to fulfill requests for a smaller version of The Concerto, without losing the Speed, Dynamics, and the Transparency that the beloved Lowther driver so beautifully presents.  So, we've now achieved the sound of our flagship Concerto with a smaller cabinet and footprint, giving up only the very lowest bit of the bass, and still needing no sub-woofer to satisfy completely, be it Hard Rock, or Soft Soloist.  Using the supplied 6" DX55 Lowther driver (yes, we said 6"!!), and with its horn measuring a full 108 inches long, The Companion will thrill you with clean, healthy bass down to 32Hz, and all the way up to 22kHz, with a sensitivity of 104 dB @ 8 Ohms.  We can also offer the optional Lowther DX65 driver, or the Voxativ AF 2.6, for those after the last word in detail and realism.


The main cabinetry of the Companion Maestro and Companion Excalibur is in every way the same design, but feature a different cosmetic approach to the front plate and the feet.  With all of the various wood veneers and finishes we offer, the best design choices are yours to make.


Dimensions: 46”H x 12”W x 25”D
Weight: 50lbs, including the stand.


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