The Alerion

The cabinet is a traditional back loaded horn speaker done with the late Terry Cain. Designed for the customer that wants a high efficient full-range speaker for smaller living conditions. The Alerion uses the Lowther DX55 driver and can be upgraded with the DX65 for greater results. They are all wired internally with a high quality notch filter to control the natural peaks of the Lowther and use Cardas binding post. Unlike other speaker designs, these do not require high volume to come to life and are right at home with lower powered set amplifiers. Extremely detailed and articulate, they produce a nice wide sound stage and have the incredible transparency and speed know from the Lowther family. 45Hz to 20Hz +/-5 db. 94db @ 8 ohms


Dimensions are  8 1/2” W, 14 1/2” deep and 39” H (excluded base)

Each speaker is 43lbs.


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