Human Audio Libretto II CD Transport + DAC Hungarian based Human Audio presents the Libretto II CD Transport + DAC. Born out of 15 years of research and development by an engineer who has an exhausting passion for creating unfiltered, uncolored, emotional and atmospheric musical reproduction. The Human Audio Libretto II has one goal; to engage the listener the way the artist originally intended. ﷯Built completely by hand the Libretto II dares to define the norm of high end audio and takes on much more difficult engineering goals than any high end audio player. For starters the Libretto II does not use a metal frame. Instead it uses a massive solid wood frame, (available in bamboo and solid walnut), which are closer to the natural sound of music than any metal box solution. Woods are carefully selected and are among the highest quality available. The chassis is suspended using a solid mahogany resonator similar to the tuning of musical instruments. A highly modified version of the Philips CD Pro2 transport is used, with careful engineering to drain vibration away from sensitive internal components, resulting in an audible display of ultra-high resolution detail retrieval and musical information. A top loading CD transport tray, with a built in clamping mechanism stabilizes the CD, resulting in a stable image in the sound-stage. Instruments are clear, defined, resolved and bass is tight and articulate. Voices are detailed, accurate, textured and presented with an incredible 3D lifelike presence. Digital audio signals are especially susceptible to corruption from electro-mechanical noise and vibration. This is the unspoken cause of jitter in an audio signal. This is why the Libretto II is engineered so that its audio signals are powered by independent, rechargeable battery supplies. The clock, DAC, output stage and player functions are all run on batteries. Wherever there's a call for voltage, there exists an independent power supply, allowing the most pure audio signal possible. An AC charger is supplied and is used to charge the batteries and also uses one rail to power the CD Pro2’s motor. This extended battery life allows the player to be used off grid for 10-12 hours before the need to recharge. Batteries come with a 1 year warranty and will last for years. They are economical to replace and can easily be done by the end user. The Libretto II just oozes quality and goes so far as to match the remote with a wood casing. The Libretto II can also be used as a stand alone transport, allowing the connection to your favorite DAC via S/PDIF output. It also has a S/PDIF input, which allows the use of streamers and other digital devices and accepts a signal of 24/192 PCM. Technical Details ► Digital Inputs: S/PDIF RCA (accepts up to 24/192 signal) ► Digital Output: S/PDIF RCA ► Analog Outputs: RCA 2.2 V ► Analog Output: Balanced XLR 2 x 2.2 V ► Power supply: AC 12V 40W ► Dimensions: 13.8” (wide) x 10.63” (long) x 4” (high) ► Weight: 8 pounds ► Warranty: 3 years ► Battery Warranty: 1 year ► Estimated price to replace batteries: $50
Retail Price ► Bamboo version retail price $10,500 ► Walnut Version retail price 11,500
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