The 300B Amp

Our Integrated 300B Amplifier derives from an already excellent proven circuit. To start off we use some of the best output transformers in the business which in our opinion is the heart of an amplifier. On top are two directly heated 300B triode output tubes running in single ended class "A" without negative feedback. The 5U4G rectifier tube takes care of the power supply duties, two 5687 driver tubes and a 6SN7 input stage tube in front of the 300B. We use all high grade resistors and electrolytic capacitors in the circuit and signal paths. Point to point wiring is also used to once again achieve the best level of sound. All chassis can be custom made to your choice of hard woods and the top plate can also be designed to whatever you may have in mind. Manual volume control is standard with the option of a Remote.


Power : 8 Watts Class A

Inputs: 1 (optional qty)

Outputs: 1 (4,8,16 ohms)

Recommended Speakers 89db

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