In creating a truly high-quality loudspeaker, there is a responsibility to the honest realization of the music in all its natural colors, along with the dramatic interest and intensity that draws us all into listening to live music. As so many of you already know, the detailed musical impact of the horn-loaded speaker is a thrill of the highest order in the world of audio reproduction. Nowhere else can you hear every sound from whisper to thunder with equal success. Charney Audio has combined that power and dynamic excitement with rich, delicate and accurate reproduction of tone and timbre, giving the listener the best and most satisfying seat in the house. All this is achieved by the use of top quality materials, meticulous design and precision in construction, and the newest scientific approaches. Our speakers are proudly made in the U.S.A. At Charney Audio, we are dedicated audiophiles, just like you. Our unique offerings represent the cutting-edge of today's technology. The increase in purity is so easy to hear and enjoy! Bring your musicians home ... Where they belong.

Meet Brian Charney and is diverse array of luxurious home-made Speakers

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