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The Concerto

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         The Maestro

The Companion Moderno

The Lumaca, Concerto and Companion set themselves apart, not just because they are fine examples of really good horn design, but because they are really fine Reproducers of Music. They pay careful attention to what we want as listeners:  A large, dynamic, super-low distortion soundstage, populated with lots of realistic and satisfying detail, rich tonality, and seamless and uncolored extension down into the bass.  This goal has been achieved, we feel, with no crossover to a sub-woofer.  Just full, deep uncluttered bass.  The results give a musical experience that is ONLY possible through superior Tractrix theory horn technology.


The Lumaca, Concerto and Companion present a truly full and opulent sound.  And because there is no need for a sub-woofer, your power amp has a clear path to the music.  The increase in purity is so easy to hear and enjoy!  Here at Charney Audio, our unique offerings represent the cutting-edge of today's technology.  We are dedicated audiophiles just like you.  These Blu-Ray level designs mean that you Just Hear Everything!


Bring your musicians home …… Where they belong.



NYAS 2016: Sunday Near the Park With Ken


New York Audio Show 2016:

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February 2022

PartTimeAudioPhile Editors Choice Award

Charney Maestro X Loudspeakers


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PartTimeAudioPhile had chosen the Companion as one of the best audio components of 2017 in there year end report

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Charney Audio - Companion Moderno loudspeakers, AER single driver, Sparkler CD Player, 300b amplifier

"The Concerto" speakers, live at the 2015 NY Audio Show

"The Companion" speakers, New York Audio Show 2016 1:41 Min. In

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